Our Story

In June 2017, a gorgeous little Kelpie puppy chose me to be her Mum. Scout instantly became the light of my life and I wanted to ensure other pets had the same level of love and care that my Scouty girl did.

For various reasons, you may not be able to walk your fur baby – or you might need a long-overdue holiday.  That’s where we come in. 

We have a Doggie Day Care Centre at 1 Zaknic Place, East Bunbury! What a great place for dogs to socialise under the supervision of our awesome Team!

We also have a large Team of Dog Walkers and Pet Home Visit Carers who can visit your pets (all types of pets) to feed, walk etc.

When starting Scout About, I made a commitment that every Team Member would need to possess the ‘connection’ with animals that I believe I have.  Our Team Members are passionate about their role in helping your pets have a happy, fulfilled life.

Loren and Scout

Our Team

One thing you’ll learn when you meet our Team is we just ‘get it’.  We understand the depth of your love for your pets.  We understand you may be nervous leaving your pets while you take that long-awaited holiday.  We will do our best to alleviate your uncertainty.  We will give your pets the care they deserve.

Our Scout About Team come from a variety of backgrounds, but have one common attribute – we all ‘more than love’ animals! Every Team Member is  police cleared and it is a condition of our service that you meet with your Team Member before we commence a service for you.

Each Team Member possesses different talents and experience with animals. Some specialise in dogs, some in cats, some in horses, etc. We will be sure to match you with the best Team Member suited to you and your pet’s needs.