Blog Introduction – Humans and Pets

Lets start here.  I have no idea what blogging is meant to be about.  I do not have the desire or the time to study about blogging. So… what you’ll likely get are articles about the day in the life of a Dog Walker, a Pet Carer, a Pet Sitter, a Pet Care Business Owner, an Employer.  Sometimes the blogs will be full of useful information about Pets and their care.  Other times I may simply share a funny story about something that happened during the day whilst walking dogs.  Other times there may be more serious articles – for example – how to look after yourself AND your Pet when going through tough times with illness, injury or dare I say it, when our beloved Pet passes over the rainbow bridge.

A couple of things you need to understand about my writings.  I will never refer to us humans as the Owners of Pets.  How anyone can think they OWN a living, thinking, being that is capable of feelings, emotions and making decisions is beyond me.

I choose to refer to us as their Humans.  Or their Carers.  Because yes, we are also our Pets’ Carers.  They rely on us for food, water, love, health care.  And everything in between.  Having domesticated our Pets, it is our responsibility to care for them.  They need us to survive the modern world we have introduced them to.

In this arena, we will be known as their Humans, they will be known as our Pets.  I’m even a little uncomfortable with the term “Pet”.  Not least of all because I believe they are much more than a label to us.  For many of us (and I wish it was all of us), they are our every reason for being.  I live for my Scouty girl.  I nurture her as I would a Human Child (probably more!).  She is in my thoughts every single second of every day.  When my mind is on other things, she is still allocated some space in my mind. Yes, I even wake during the night, every single night, and gently reach over to make sure she’s still there.  This is why I don’t think of our Pets are merely Pets.  To me, they’re more than that.

And please, I intend for this blog to be something for anyone to contribute to.  If you have thoughts, ideas, funny stories, sad stories or advice you would like to share, I invite you to email me your thoughts at any time.  We will find a way to integrate your story or idea into our blog. You’re welcome!

Now you have an idea of what you’ll read here in the future I dearly hope you will come back.

Paws and licks, Loren & Scout

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