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Doggie Day Care is moving!!

Our Doggie Day Care is moving to a new location.  

We will have large separate areas for the doggies to learn social skills and play, as well as a separate area for the doggies that need some rest.  Small, medium and large dogs will be in separate areas.

The Doggie Day Care Centre will be designed to focus on your doggies enrichment. Our staff will ensure that your doggie is engaged in games/puzzles/basic agility/cuddles and other activities to keep your doggie busy.

**All new dogs will require a 1hr introduction prior to the date of their first booking.  (Eg, a couple days before the first date of your first booking) You will need to be there the whole hour and all being well, we will confirm the first booking for your dog.

**Please note, once your dog is attending their first half or full day, if your dog hasn’t settled within a half hour of arriving (eg barking constantly), I’m sorry, but we might be calling you to pick your doggie up.  We need to be respectful of our neighbours and the noise levels need to be kept at a minimum, as well as being respectful of the comfort of the other dogs attending.  You will not be charged any fees in this instance, as long as your dog is picked up within an hour of our call to you.

We also do Doggie Washing and Blow Dry at the Day Care Centre – you can book a Hydrobath below!  **Please note we will still be operating the Hydrobath while we move.  We can pick up your doggie and take him/her to our Hydrobath and then drop him/her home to you.

Our Doggie Day Care Centre’s new location will be made public soon.  Watch this space!

We will be open from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. You might like to take advantage of our add-on services – 

The slots are strictly limited, so please book your Doggie Day Care today.

**Please note, Doggie Day Care is not a kennel.  There are no overnight stays. We will only accept dogs that are social and showing clear signs they are comfortable in the environment.


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Our new location will be made public soon!! Shhh it's a secret!



We will invoice you each week via email. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder in your emails.

24 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel your Doggie Day Care booking.  Failure to do so will result in 50% of the usual fee being charged. 

At this stage we will not be open on public holidays. If there is a demand for us to be open on public holidays, we can review this.

Please take note of the conditions below. They are non-negotiable and we’re sure you can understand why!

  • We will decide if your doggie is suitable to attend Doggie Day Care.  We absolutely reserve the right to make the
    decision and while we do not wish to upset you, if your doggie is not considered suitable to Doggie Day Care we will advise you in writing and your doggie will not be able to attend Doggie Day Care again.  The safety and happiness of all of the dogs attending Doggie Day Care is paramount.
  • Every dog’s vaccinations MUST be up to date. We will ask for proof of when their last vaccination was done and with your permission, we will happily call the Vet on your behalf to get the information if you don’t have it to hand.
  • We will advise you a month in advance when your dog’s vaccinations are due. You will need to provide proof of the vaccination being done and if it isn’t done before the due date, your doggie won’t be allowed back until we receive proof that it has been done. We would suggest you book your doggie in for their vaccination immediately when we advise you it is due, just to ensure all is up to date before the expiry date. The last thing the doggies need is an outbreak of Parvo Virus or Kennel Cough. If you aren’t aware of what these are, please Google them!
  • We do require all dogs to be desexed before attending Doggie Day Care. The exception to this is a puppy up to 6 months old. While we do understand this will upset some people, please be assured we know what we’re doing. Our experience has shown that often there are issues between desexed and non-desexed dogs. This can cause friction and dog fights. We do not want dog fights at our friendly Doggie Day Care! 
  • The reason we will allow a dog into Doggie Day Care who hasn’t been desexed (up to 6 months of age) is because most dogs aren’t desexed until they’re at least 6 months old.


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