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Is your dog feeling lonely and bored?  Then Fido needs us!  We offer a safe, fun environment for dogs to socialise with other dogs and humans. 

Our Doggie Day Care is located at 1 Zaknic Place, Bunbury (the old Indoor Cricket Centre).  

We have large separate areas for the doggies to play, as well as a separate area for the doggies that need some rest.  We have separate areas for little dogs and larger dogs. At times, the elderly larger dogs will hang out with the little poppets.

The Doggie Day Care Centre is designed to focus on your doggies having fun and interacting with other dogs as well as humans. Our staff will ensure that your doggie is engaged and happy.

We offer short visits up to 2 hours (eg if you need to go shopping or to the movies you can drop Fluffy in to us).  The price of these visits are $11 inc GST per hour (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays).

We also offer half day bookings (between 2 and 5 hours). The price of half day bookings is $40 inc GST for one dog, $70 inc GST for two dogs from the same family (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays).

And of course we love our full day visitors, too!  The price of a full day booking (more than 5 hours) is $60 inc GST for one dog, $100 inc GST for two dogs from the same family (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays).

A Team Member can transport your doggie to and from Doggie Day Care for a fee of between $15 and $20 inc GST each way (depending on your location).

**All new dogs will require a meet n greet assessment prior to the date of their first booking.  (Eg, a week or so before you intend to book your dog in for actual Day Care).   Please book your dog in for a meet n greet via this website’s booking form. 

*If at any time whilst attending Day Care your dog hasn’t settled within an hour or so of arriving (eg barking constantly in distress or nuisance barking), we might be calling you to pick your doggie up.  We need to be respectful of our neighbours and the noise levels need to be kept at a reasonable level, as well as being respectful of the comfort of your dog and the other dogs attending.  You will not be charged any fees in this instance, as long as your dog is picked up within an hour of our call to you.  Please note, we do use bark collars when needed and have found them to be very effective with dogs that are constantly barking.  The Collars do not stay on all day – short periods of time with the collar on are generally enough to show a change in behaviour.  You will see a tick box option on the booking form with regards to bark collars.

**Male dogs over the age of 6 months need to be desexed before they can attend our Doggie Day Care.  If your male dog starts Day Care at a young age (eg 4 months), he is welcome to come until the age of 6 months.  Having said that, we reserve the right to allow some entire males to attend Day Care.  Some entire males (especially the smaller breeds) do not exhibit any humping/dominance once their testosterone kicks in, and at times we will allow those dogs to continue attending Day Care.  We also do allow chemically castrated male dogs to attend Day Care.

**We do allow female dogs that aren’t desexed to attend Day Care, however they are absolutely not permitted to attend when in heat and for a week or so after finishing their heat (roughly 4 weeks in total).  

**We understand it is your choice whether you vaccinate your dog or not.  However, unvaccinated dogs are at more risk of having severe symptoms if they do contract an illness than dogs that are vaccinated. Whether it be at Day Care or out in the big wide world, the risk is there.  We hear of dogs that are never socialised contracting kennel cough or bronchitis – both of these illnesses can travel through the air, so if a dog walks past your house and coughs/sneezes, your dog can get kennel cough from that dog – even without face to face contact.  So, we urge you to vaccinate your dogs for their own well-being.  It may not stop them getting sick, but it will definitely reduce the severity of the illness.  If your dog is coughing/sneezing or showing signs of illness PLEASE take them to the Vet immediately and do not allow them to attend Day Care or to be out in public.

We also do Doggie Washing and Blow Dry at the Doggie Day Care Centre – you can book a Hydrobath via this website.

Please rememberyou need to book one day in advance for Doggie Day Care and three days in advance if your dog requires transport in or out of Doggie Day Care!

Book Doggie Day Care by clicking on the BOOK NOW button below!

Puppy Kindy – Held at our Doggie Day Care Centre on Saturdays!

Give your puppy a balanced start to life with our puppy socialisation course, at the Scout About Doggie Day Care Centre.  We will be making sure your puppy has lots of fun and also plenty of downtime throughout the morning.  They will learn how to behave around other dogs and in different environments.

Puppy Kindy is 9am to 12pm on Saturdays, and runs in 4 week blocks.  Puppy Kindy is for the young puppies that have NOT yet received all of their vaccinations.

We will introduce them to new sounds, new equipment/sensations, paddle pools, and new experiences – as well as let them play play play.

This is a 4 week course for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks.  

Course costs:

$200 for the full 4 weeks (9am to 12pm Saturdays)

We do offer transport in and out of Doggie Day Care if you need it – between $15 and $20 each way, depending on where you live. 


Hours of Operation:

We are open the following hours:

Monday to Friday

7.30am to 5.30pm for Regular Day Care.

Saturday – 9am to 12pm for Puppy Kindy.

You might like to take advantage of our add-on services –

The slots are strictly limited, so please book your Doggie Day Care today.

**Please note, Doggie Day Care is not a kennel and we do not offer overnight stays. 


Day Care Features



1 Zaknic Place, Bunbury



We will invoice you each week via email. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder in your emails.  Having said that, we do love it when you pay on the day!! We have Eftpos facilities on site.

24 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel your Doggie Day Care booking.  Failure to do so will result in 50% of the usual fee being charged. 

We are closed on Public Holidays.

Please take note of the conditions below. They are non-negotiable and we’re sure you can understand why!

  • We will decide if your doggie is suitable to attend Doggie Day Care.  We absolutely reserve the right to make the decision and while we do not wish to upset you, if your doggie is not considered suitable to Doggie Day Care we will advise you in writing and your doggie will not be able to attend Doggie Day Care. The safety and happiness of all of the dogs attending Doggie Day Care is essential.
  • We do have Bark Collars onsite and have found them to be very effective with dogs that are constantly barking.  The Collars do not stay on all day – short periods of time with the collar on are generally enough to show a change in behaviour. You can agree or disagree the use of a bark collar when making your booking – but please understand if you disagree and your dog is constantly barking or causing an issue, he/she will not be able to attend in future.
  • Every dog’s vaccinations MUST be up to date. We will ask for proof of when their last vaccination was done and with your permission, we will happily call the Vet on your behalf to get the information if you don’t have it to hand.
  • We do require all male dogs to be desexed before attending Doggie Day Care. While we do understand this will upset some people, please be assured we know what we’re doing. *There are exceptions!  Please read the info in the Doggie Day Care section of our website for more info!
  • We will not be feeding dogs any treats unless you provide their treats.  Your dog will be taken out of the area to be fed alone.  
  • Please note, you will need to make all bookings by midday the day before (we cut off bookings via the website each day).  Monday bookings will need to be made by 5pm Friday.
  • Your first booking can be made via our website.  This can be a single booking or a weekly booking.  If it’s a weekly booking, you’ll only need to make it once.  If it’s a single booking you will need to book every time.  Please note the website will save your info if you create yourself a free account – that way you only need to log on again and all of your info will already be there.  This information is only accessible by the Business Owner, you and our web guy (who is a friend of the Business Owner and subject to privacy rules/laws).

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