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Doggie Day Care

Our New Doggie Day Care Is Now Open!

It caters to big and small dogs with separate areas suitable for them.

The day care facility is designed to focus on your doggies enrichments. Our trained staff will ensure that your doggies are well engage in games/puzzles and other activities to keep the Fluffy’s brain busy and at the same time meeting new friends.

Our day care facility is open from from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. You may also can take advantage of our add-on services:

The slots are strictly limited, so please book your doggie daycare today.


Day Care Features



We are located at Unit 2/21 Sweny Drive, Australind.
(In Treendale's industrial area behind Bunnings.)



We will invoice you each week via email. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder in your emails.

We will invoice you each week via email. Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder in your emails.

At this stage we will not be open on public holidays. If there is a demand for us to be open on public holidays, we can review this.

Please take note of the conditions below. They are non-negotiable and we’re sure you can understand why!

  • Every dog’s vaccinations MUST be up to date. We will ask for proof of when their last vaccination was done and with your permission, we will happily call the Vet on your behalf to get the information if you don’t have it to hand.
  • We will advise you a month in advance when your dog’s vaccinations are due. You will need to provide proof of the vaccination being done and if it isn’t done before the due date, your doggie won’t be allowed back until we receive proof that it has been done. We would suggest you book your doggie in for their vaccination immediately when we advise you it is due, just to ensure all is up
    to date before the expiry date. The last thing the doggies need is an outbreak of Parvo Virus or Kennel Cough. If you aren’t aware of what these are, please Google them!
  • We do require all dogs to be desexed before attending Day Care. The exception to this is a puppy up to 6 months old. While we do understand this will upset some people, please be assured we know what we’re doing. Our experience has shown that often there are issues between desexed and non-desexed dogs. This can cause friction and dog fights. We do not want dog fights at our
    friendly Doggie Day Care! Furthermore, I’m sure we don’t need to explain what it does to other dogs when a female doggie is around who is in season, just coming out of season or coming into season! Male and female dogs alike sense what is happening and their behaviour does change.
  • The reason we’ll allow a dog into Day Care who hasn’t been desexed (up to 6 months of age) is because most dogs aren’t desexed until they’re at least 6 months old.


Photos of our client's happy pets.

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