This Service is where we visit your Pets once or twice a day to feed/walk/top up water/clean up yard/water plants/bins in and out/bring in mail.  Each visit is either a half hour or an hour.
It is essential that you book a suitable length of time for each visit.  For example, booking a half hour visit a day and expecting a 25 minute walk, feeding, cleaning of yard, watering etc means our Carer will likely not get everything done in the half hour.  If your dog is needing a short 15 minute walk around the block, along with all of the above then a half hour visit is enough.  
Dog walking is either a half hour, 45 minutes or an hour walk.  We can either socialise your dog with other dogs or have them walked alone – whatever suits them.  If you would like your dog driven to a specific place to be walked, please note the hour or half hour starts from the time they leave your home to when they return.  
We will not let your dog off leash at any time, unless specifically allowed by you.  Even if you do give permission, we will generally walk your dog on lead the first couple of times until mutual trust is gained.

When you fill in a Booking Form online, you are prompted to read the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge them.  Failure to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions will result in your booking not being accepted.

We do ask for an emergency contact on your Booking Form.  If your pet requires an emergency visit to their vet, we will take them to the vet first, then contact you.  If the issue isn’t an emergency as such – just a concern – we contact you before taking any action.

You are required to write down anything, and we mean anything, that you think is important with regards to your pet/s.  For example, your dog may be friendly with every dog that you’ve met except a particular breed he/she doesn’t like.  We need to know this.  We also would appreciate any important information in regards to your home (for Pet Homestay Visits).  For example, if you have a particular person that we can call on for a burst water pipe or electricity issue please write this information down.  Again, this will ensure we can fix any issues without too much interruption to your holiday.

Please see our Doggie Day Care Centre tab above. This should answer most of your questions 🙂