Our Pet Homestay Service is exactly that – your pets stay home when you go away.  This service differs to Pet Sitting in that we visit once or twice a day to feed, walk, clean the yard, bring in mail, bins in/out, water the garden – but we don’t stay more than the half hour or hour we’ve been hired for.

While this service may not suit all pets, it might suit multi-pet families.  Two or three dogs living at home may cope better with a visit a day, whereas one dog being alone with one visit might not be so happy.

You may have cats that prefer their own company and just want to be fed!  They might be perfect candidates for our Pet Homestay Service.

This is a very popular service for short term holidays.  Yes, we do offer the service on a long term basis, however we prefer to place a Pet Sitter in your home with Fluffy if you plan on being away for more than a few days.

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