Pet Sitting vs Pet Holiday

Our busiest service is Pet Sitting – where we place a Team Member in your home to look after your beloved pets and your home. We currently have around 35 Team Members and the majority of them are Pet Sitters as well as Dog Walkers.

When we stay at your home, we strive to follow your pets’ routine. They are walked daily (weather permitting), they sleep where they usually sleep when you’re home and they eat at their usual feeding times. There are times when we do have to slightly change a routine. Some of our Team Members do have other Casual work, and whilst we don’t have Pet Sitters that work at night, they may be away from the home during the day for a few hours here and there. So when booking a Pet Sit with us, please be sure to let us know your pet’s normal routine. That way we can choose a Pet Sitter that best suits Fluffy.

The Upside and the Downside of hiring a private Pet Sitter off the internet.

I can’t really say there is a downside to our Pet Sitting Service. Yes, you can find someone on the internet who may do it for free – however there are risks that come with this. Most private Pet Sitters don’t have Liability Insurance. And what happens if the Pet Sitter you privately hire does something wrong… Unfortunately you have no-one to go back to.

Each Scout About Team Member is employed directly by Scout About – not contracted. They sign a very lengthy Contract upon acceptance of a position with Scout About and there are many conditions of employment. And I mean many! At the completion of most Pet Sits I I contact you for feedback – and when I ask for feedback, I do request open and honest feedback! The only way we can grow and maintain our integrity is by you providing your opinion on how we’re doing.

My point being, with Scout About the buck stops with me. I’m here to help everyone have a positive experience with Pet Sitting. We’re always open to suggestions on how we can improve and feedback on what you like about our service.

Don’t get me wrong – I see the sense in giving a Private Pet Sitter a go. For one, they usually cost you nothing. However, time and time again we are approached by new clients that have been let down at the last minute by a Private Pet Sitter that got a ‘better offer’ elsewhere. (Nicer neighbourhood, less pets to look after, etc).

I can proudly say that at Scout About we have never ever pulled out of a Pet Sit that has been booked and confirmed with us. We always have a backup Sitter for emergencies.

Our Pet Holiday option is where you place your pet in a Team Members home while you go on holiday. The upside is little Fluffy is in a home environment (not a kennel or cattery). The downside is we have noticed time often pets are not settled when away from home. And I fully get where the pet is coming from. Firstly, you’ve gone away on a holiday – so they’re missing you. Secondly, we’ve put Fluffy in an unfamiliar environment. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve had huge success with most of our Pet Holidays, however there are some that spring to mind where I really felt the pet wasn’t suited to that service.

The price of Pet Sitting and Pet Holiday are the same and of course you get more for your dollar when booking a Pet Sit as opposed to a Pet Holiday (home security, garden/lawn watering, mail collection, bins in/out, etc).

Both of these services have their place in this world – it’s just up to you to really think about what is best for your fur baby when thinking about booking with us.

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