Lavender Doggie Cologne by Scout

100mL – Made with a blend of Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil and Distilled Water, Scout’s Lavender Doggie Cologne is specifically designed to be sprayed on your doggie every day – just as we may apply deodorant or cologne to ourselves.  The added bonus is the calming effect it will have on your dog, not to mention flea repellent qualities.





Directions: Spray a little on your dog’s coat every day to have them smelling Lavender-licious.  Avoid contact with their eyes.  Be sure to wash your hands afterwards so you don’t transfer any Oil to your dog’s eyes when giving them cuddles!

Aromatherapy can be as beneficial for pets as it is for humans.  As with humans, Lavender can help to calm your dog, whilst also providing mental clarity.  Cypress can help soothe a dogs with emotional issues (eg acting erratically).  Chamomile can be deeply calming and provide soothing pain relief.  These are just a few of the benefits of Essential Oils.

It is important to understand some of the Essential Oils we use on ourselves are not safe for pets.  We will only provide Essential Oils that are considered safe for both humans and dogs.  Please read the instructions and description below each product.


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