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Hi all!

I thought I would share my knowledge on rabbits! I am apart of a large, West Australian rabbit group and have two indoor, free roam rabbits. I have attached files and images on basic rabbit care, feeding and toxic plants. Rabbits can also be very subtle when unwell, so I have added a basic guide of unwell signs.

A lot of rabbits are also toilet trained, especially indoor rabbits. cleaning litters are very similar to cats, although any clumping or crystal litters must be avoided as rabbits can ingest this litter and cause a blockage in their digestive system as they do not have a gag reflex. Some common litters used are shredded paper, recycled paper litter, hay (mainly oaten/meadow), or newspaper. Rabbits are also be very messy as they dig, chew and tear apart everything. Ensure when leaving a clients house that a clean up of the pen is done so owners aren’t coming home to clean their bunnies pen. Also ask if they want their litter trays cleaned out and replaced with new litter.

The rabbit community is very small in Bunbury compared to Perth so a lot of people are unsure where to go for information as there are not really any rabbit savvy vets here. You can offer people to join ‘Rabbit Society of WA’ on facebook or some great vets are Unusual Pet Vet at Murdoch or Balcatta, or Dr Chris at Cannington Vet Hospital.

If there are any questions or if unsure while caring for a bun, you are also welcomed to call or text me on 0419890333.


D’Arcy Smith, McFlurry and Taylor 🐇


Food info & List



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