Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting Service involves a Team Member staying in your home while you’re away on holidays – ensuring you pets have company and your home has the security of someone being there. One of our Team Members will meet you (and your pets) prior to your going away to discuss what you require from them. You will receive regular updates while away, so you can relax knowing your pets are happy and your home is secure. Pet Sitting is our busiest service. If you are planning a holiday, please book with us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Dog Walking while Pet Sitting - We are able to walk your dog/s while Pet Sitting for an extra cost of $10 per half hour walk + GST $1 = $11 or $15 per one hour walk + GST $1.50 = $16.50. This covers all dogs in the household and is not charged per dog, assuming your dogs can be walked together.

*Please note, Pet Sitting differs from Baby Sitting (and the price reflects that). Our Pet Sitter will stay at your home at night with your pets, however during the day it is generally expected the Pet Sitter will go about their daily lives, and your home will be their 'home base' for the period you are away. Most of our Pet Sitters work only with Scout About, have other part time/casual work or are studying full time from home. Therefore, it is expected a Pet Sitter will not usually be away from your home and pets all day.

Prices start from $40 + GST per night

Dog Walking

Walking dogs is one of our favourite things to do! Our team of experienced, confident walkers are here to help your fur babies have a fabulous experience.

Beach visits, river swimming, bush walks or simple street walks are all possible! Whether you’re looking to socialise your dog or would prefer your dog is walked alone, we’ll ensure your specific requirements are met. We will even send you a text with a picture of your fur baby out walking!

Prices start from $20 + GST per walk.

Pet Homestay Care

Going on holidays, but unable to take your pets? We are here to help you!

We can visit your home to feed and walk your dogs, feed any other pets, put the bin out, bring in the mail, even water the lawn. Our Pet Homestay Care is best suited to those short weekends away. We will even send you regular updates and photos of your pets via email or text!

Prices start from $25 + GST per visit.

Dog Washing and Grooming

We offer a unique experience for your Pet. Sarah operates her Grooming Salon from her home in Australind. We have a one pet at a time policy, meaning only one pet is booked in at a time. As Sarah works alone, the length of time it takes her to groom a pet will vary – our suggestion is to drop Fluffy off and then we’ll call or text when Fluffy is finished. Because Sarah needs to concentrate on the task at hand, we do prefer you drop your pet off and return to pick him/her up when finished. Obviously dog washing takes a lot less time, so please do hang around while Fluffy is being washed! To book Sarah, please contact her on 0414 691 436. Please be patient – Sarah is also a carer, working with people in need. In view of this, she will generally not be able to answer your call or message immediately. Sarah is available afternoons and some weekends. Prices below will vary from pet to pet, based on the condition of the pets’ fur when they arrive. Prices are a general guide only, but generally we do stick to what is quoted below.

Pet Holiday

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Rather than your pet being at home when you’re on holidays, perhaps they would enjoy their own special holiday, staying at the home of one of our Team Members!

We will respect and follow any routines you have in place with your pets, including special dietary requirements and exercise needs. Of course, we’ll send you regular updates of your pet enjoying their wonderful holiday! **Please note, whilst Pet Holiday does suit some pets, experience has shown many pets prefer to be in their own home, with one of our Pet Sitters. Please contact us to discuss your pets’ needs. We will provide honest advice on what we feel is the best option for your pet.

Prices start from $40 + GST per night.

Pet Taxi

Our air-conditioned car is fully outfitted for pets! Comfortable and safe, you can be assured your pets will enjoy the ride! We can help with vet visits, trips to the beach and drop off to friends/family.

Please contact us for a firm quote.